La Villa Hotel: a small paradise in Piedmont

Imagine the countryside in Piedmont, all surrounded by the Alps, the famous mountains. Think about an old place built back in 1600. That is the original structure that have been transformed in the La Villa Hotel we can see nowadays.

The formula is like a magic mix of different ingredients: simplicity, luxury, style, chic. All these elements create a unique atmosphere that makes your staying as comfortable as possible.

Each room is different from the others, to underline the exclusivity of the place. They are equipped with all the services you need, and they are decorated with sensuous fabrics, to make you feel you are in haven.

The hotel offers more and more, that’s why many guests decide to get married in this lovely and very romantic location, where you can dance in the terraces, have a nice walk in the gardens, or relax near the swimming pool, enjoying a lovely sunset, watching the the sun slipping behind the hills or having breakfast while you feet are in the water.

The staff also offers some really interesting classes, in order to create a real big family with the guests. The most popular one is the pasta making course, where you can learn all the secrets you need to know about how to make the real Italian pasta.

Because of its position, La Villa is a strategic place from which you can explore the nearby area, including the wine taste tour in which you can drink several different typical Piedmontese wines. Visit the  wonderful local artisans and producers who are happy to share with you their traditions and culture.

La Villa’s unique style, offering also the chance to plan all your visits and tour in the region, is the reason why this hotel is mentioned in a lot of travel guides both European and Italian.

La Villa Hotel
Via Torino 7
14046 Asti

telephone: (+39) 0141 793 890 or (+39) 347 281 8843
email: [email protected]