“Alta Via dei Parchi” a 450 km journey through the Italian Apennine

bismantova-stoneAppennino Tosco-emiliano is in the central part of Italian Apennine that continues south-east of the Cisa pass (Passo della Cisa). This area, separating Tuscany from Emilia, has real mountains. The highest are Monte Cimone (2165 m asl), Monte Cusna (2121 m), Alpe di Succiso (2017 m), Monte Casarola (1978 m asl) and the Corno alle Scale (1945 m).

Nowadays the National Park Appennino Tosco Emiliano is a reality that preserve this area, so rich of nature and history. Lowering down on the Emilia side, we find the unmistakable Stone Bismantova (Reggio Emilia), dominating the landscape with its vertical walls.

Prairies, moors, blueberries, lakes, waterfalls, torrents, animals like wolf, muflon, roe deer, golden eagles and rare botanical species. The National Park is full of routes and paths for groups of friends who love wild nature and mountain landscapes, couples in search of freedom and tranquillity and of course expert and inexperienced trekkers.

Today we present  “Alta Via dei Parchi” a new journey of over 450 kilometers just created. Starting from Berceto (Parma) and ending in La Verna in Tuscany, this route is passing through seven national parks, along the Apennine ridge, which divides Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Liguria.

Alta Via dei Parchi” is a project that want to promote an area of great natural, scenic and historical value. A place full of relaxing moments, that can reactivate a deep relationship between man and nature.

Apart from marvellous landscapes, modern and ancient towns and villages, there is a valuable sense of community that’s pervading this area.  It’s a sense of protection coming from the natural order. It generates a strong consciousness among inhabitants who are really caring about their environment and the resources it offers to them.

Alta Via dei Parchi” will open in early 2011 and it will be connected to the ancient streets of the pilgrims, Via Francigena and Via Romea, where you can meet the hermitage of Camaldoli and visit old churches and villages of the Apennines. One other park this route reaches in Tuscany is Casentino National Park, that’s really well preserved.