My shore excursion in Valencia with

Electa Travels shore excursion and day tour in ValenciaEvery experienced cruise traveler knows that visiting a city in depth in just a few hours is not easy, that’s why we decided to find an alternative to what the cruise company offered.

During our city tour with (we booked it in advance on their website) we managed to see everything we thought it was important to see.

We totally enjoy this very short shore excursion in the wonderful Valencia, the third biggest city of Spain, it definitely met our expectations!

That’s why you should Visit Valencia on a Shore Excursion

We decided to book a private tour of the city mainly because we wanted to visit as much as possible, without the typical overcrowded cruise excursion groups.

Valencia is a city full of history, since it was founded by the Ancient Romans; some monuments, like the wonderful Cathedral of the city, date back to the Middle Ages: talking about the Cathedral, it is said to be the home of the Holy Grail, and we were so excited when we found out about it!

The highlight of the excursion was the visit of the “Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias” (that translated into English means “City of Arts and Sciences“), a complex of buildings that host museums, various exhibits and the wonderful Oceanogràfic, the largest European aquarium.

We especially loved the architecture of those buildings, it’s definitely something you don’t see around very often.

We also visited the Central Market, which is a must-see place for foodies like us! They basically sell fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, it’s great for a quick break especially since they sell the worldwide famous Jamon, the Spanish delicious ham.

Electa Travels’ One-day trip in Valencia: just perfect

What we really appreciated, aside from the lovely city, is that arranged for us slightly different plans to adapt the tour to our requests.

We wanted to eat some Paella since it comes originally from Valencia, and we couldn’t have been more satisfied, it was delicious. Our guide was very helpful and nice and spoke perfect English (that is not so frequent or obvious in some countries).

We definitely recommend their excursions to travelers who don’t like noisy overcrowded groups and want to make the most out of their shore excursions.

Cities like Valencia would deserve a much longer visit but tours like the one with give you the chance to get the perfect overview of the city and then who knows, you may decide to come back one day!