Itinerary of the Mountain Parks in Lazio


The route of the mountain parks, recently renewed, proposes three of the most beautiful protected areas in the Lazio region: Parco dei Monti Lucretili, Parco dei Monti Simbruini and the Reserve of the Mountains Navegna and Cervia.

This route is located in the heart of the Lazio Apennines. It offers fantastic landscapes and stunning environments. A space where you will be surrounded by a quiet and silent atmosphere, where it is easy to lose yourself into the nature but also it is easy to find tourist services, restaurants, resorts, offering every kind of accommodation.

The Roads of the Parks is part of a bigger platform, where a new kind of sustainable tourism is being developed. A slow tourism, where roads are less accessible by car and the best way to discover naturalistic treasures is by foot or bicycles.

The whole route is made of 180 miles through 42 points of interest, including natural scenes, but also archaeological, historical and artistic spot. Visitor centres are equipped to give you maps and detailed information about every single area.

Four other itineraries  are accessible by car . These are “Il Lazio Etrusco“, from Rome to Acquapendente, “Salto-Cicolano” from Lake del Salto to the Mountains of Duchessa, “Cimino-Vicano”, near Viterbo, passing through Cimini Mountains and the lake of Vico and that of “Forre etrusche and the Valley of Tiber”, where you can find natural canyons.

Nature, history, local traditions, equipped routes prepared in close synergy with the local communities are waiting for you. Paths involves 330 facilities where to stop,  eat and sleep, taste products and local handicrafts.

If you are searching for a new kind of holiday, perhaps you may put together a three days visit in the ancient Rome and a relaxing journey through mountains and countryside, to discover where the primitive Romans populations lived.

Image Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by candido33