Falling in love with the city of Rivoli

rivoliRivoli is one of the largest city near Torino, which was the first capital of Italy.

There you can find a very important castle, which was built on the rests of the previous one, which was a Medioeval building dating back to the 10th Century. This new place was planned by one of the Piedmontese architects, Juvarra, very famous at national level. He wanted to build it as an homage to the Savoy family, which was so influent.

Unfortunately the castle had never been finished, and it remained an unfinished residence of the Royal House, which currently houses a museum of contemporary art.

Another place which is mandatory to visit is the Casa del Conte Verde, a 14th Century house, or the Villa Colla, which has a beautiful park all around where you can have a walk and enjoy the nature especially during spring and summer.

If you visit the city during winter, don’t worry, you can still find some activities to do, such as ice skating in the Martini square, the main one in the center. A skating rink is built during this season and both tourists and local people seem to love it.

Be sure to learn the history and the secrets of the place, which was founded in the 4th Century by the Taurini, a tribe of Ligures Celts. Then a group of Celts coming from France came, but Rivoli is basically related to the Roman conquer which dates back the 221 BC.

For those of you who think that the city is not that big, from there they can easily reach Turin, which is only 14km far and discover the beautiful landscape between the amazing Alps. The first Italian capital has definitely something to offer to people, hasn’t it?