Pirates of the Ligurian sea

While being at the seaside with kids, it is nice to let them imagine some cool and heroic stories about the place, especially on the Ligurian sea.

During the rainy days, when parents usually don’t allow kids to go to the sea since it could be dangerous, lifeguards play something nice in order to entertain the children and make them stop crying while begging the mothers to let them stay in the water “just for 5 minutes”.

Every year the legend told is always the same, involving pirates from far away who lost the control of their ship because they decided to keep navigating even if it was raining so much.

The children forget about to have a swim, and the story continues saying some pirates decided to arrive all along the coasts of the Ligurian sea in order to see if there are any bad children who don’t listen to their parents. If yes, those kids could be perfect to become pirates and to go away with them, not able to see families and friends anymore.

It is a way of distracting children when they are not able to swim, since the shores are high and they could easily get in danger. In order to make the story more suitable for the youngs, after a couple of days, the staff organizes a fake parade, having some of them dressed as pirates and coming on a small ship near the beach.

All the children are there to see what is going on, since the main lifeguard rings a bell giving the alarm. The pirates, then, ask the kids if they want to swim while it rains, and of course all of them say “no”.

At this point pirates leave, saying them they are good and, due to this reason, they can stay with their families.