Cuneo, the Piedmontese city recalled in “The Godfather”

cuneoCuneo is the capital of the province located in Piedmont, which happens to be the third largest by area.

Its name came from its position, where the two rivers, Gesso and Stura di Demonte: cuneo, in fact, means edge, and it due to its shape.

The history of the place is pretty much interesting for tourists, especially the Americans, since it is very old. (more…)

Chezà, your restaurant and pizzeria in Turin

chezàArriving in Turin, after a shower and a relaxing moment at the hotel, you have to think about dinner.

Are you really hungry or do you feel like ordering just a pizza or some appetizers? Do you have to look for an Italian restaurant or a pizzeria?

What if you can find a great place that offers both of these characteristics? Yes, it is possible, even in Turin, where you can see around so many different locals and you can never pick one. (more…)

Pirates of the Ligurian sea

While being at the seaside with kids, it is nice to let them imagine some cool and heroic stories about the place, especially on the Ligurian sea.

During the rainy days, when parents usually don’t allow kids to go to the sea since it could be dangerous, lifeguards play something nice in order to entertain the children and make them stop crying while begging the mothers to let them stay in the water “just for 5 minutes”.

Every year the legend told is always the same, involving pirates from far away who lost the control of their ship because they decided to keep navigating even if it was raining so much. (more…)

Turkish landscape: when nature meets men

The bucolic scenery in Turkey radiates with sincerity and health. You will also see the orchards, vineyards and vegetable fields growing delicate and you will be able to admire both cows and sheep cared by shepherds who smoke the pipe and talk to the animals.

Don’t be surprise then: they try to use the animals’ own language, let them feeling happy in their pastures as free-ranging chickens.

In addition to grains, staple crops include rice, cotton, sugar beets, tobacco and potatoes. This abundance of food products have contributed to the richness of the cuisine. (more…)